And now there are Four

Life started out with just myself and Hercules. But now our pack has grown. First Sherrie joined us two years ago and now we have a new family member in the form of “Bear”, a new Rottweiler puppy. Bear does not live with us but he is here every day during weekdays and on occasion we “Puppy-sit” on weekends.

So how much do I enjoy having another puppy around?

Not so much. He’s ok for about five minutes and after that he is just plain annoying! He doesn’t stop for a second and wants to play with me all day long. That wouldn’t be so bad if he understood the rules of the game – i.e. I get the ball, the ball is thrown for me and even if there are two balls being thrown, they are both mine! Ditto with toys! If Mom comes home with a new toy and gives it to the pup he should realise it is still mine! Right?

Besides the issue of ‘toy ownership’, he is kinda cute and sort of well behaved when not trying to annoy me. And when I have the energy its quite fun to play tag with him!


Bear Bear

Bear Bear

Cute, right?

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