Busy, busy (playing and growing …)

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I’ve lost a few of my baby teeth (which my Mom got very exited about), I’ve grown a lot and now weigh 21.5 kgs and spend a lot of time playing in my garden and sleeping. I love the daily walks my Mom and I go for and I figured out how to get really great treats from her – I behave really well on the walks and walk on her left hand side without pulling or tugging at my lead (although its very tempting to run ahead and make her run after me because I am strong enough now to make her run!). But if I resist the temptation I get yummy treats when we get home and its so much fun to walk with her. When we get back we play her favourite game which is throwing the frisbee for me. It took a while before I figured what she wanted – I’m supposed to run after the frisbee, fetch it and bring it back to her. She gets very excited when I bring it back to her (more treats!) :)

My favourite treats are milk … no, liver spread … no, no, maybe milk is better … but pastrami is really good too. hmmm, all yummy. Sometimes I get a carrot (whats that about?) but I eat it anyway, its supposed to be good for me :)

Some new photos for you to see. My Mom says I have to confess that I am responsible for the mayhem in the garden – I’ve spent a lot of time destroying the little wall (on the first two photos to the right) and pulling up the irrigation system (the black tubing lying around) in some areas of the garden. She wasn’t very happy with me about that, but still, its just so much fun – and I’m still just a puppy …!





I’m getting bigger but I am still a puppy that needs lots of sleep.
Nitey nite for now …

Dexter’s weigh-in

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Usually Mom weighs herself on the bathroom scale, then picks me up and we both get on the scale and she subtracts her weight from our combined weight and thats it. Doesn’t work anymore because I am getting too big and heavy for her, so we went to the Vet’s rooms today to get weighed. I’m 17.9 kg’s now (thats 39.38 lbs). Wow! (Note: I’m big, not fat! Lots of muscle).

There was a big cat at the vet that was very nice to me last time we were there. When I saw him today I was really excited to see him so I went to give him a lick and he hissed at me and slapped me! :-( Mom was sad for me because I looked as if I was going to cry so she let me choose a new toy, she chose one and we bought a bunch of treats and I soon forgot about the crotchety ol’ cat. He reminds me of our cat we have at home. He isn’t friendly either. I wonder why cats don’t like dogs?

I’ve found my bark! Its not a woof anymore but a real good bark. And I protect my property – when I hear strange noises outside, I bark – really loudly! Mom says whoever is outside must think I’m a really big and fierce dog and not just a puppy!

Thats all my news for today!

Growing Up

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I am 3-and-a-half months old now and am growing and learning fast.
We haven’t had much time to write posts on my blog because my Mom is very busy with work and we’ve been having our garden sorted out, the fish pond cleaned and general home maintenance (including all the holes I’ve dug up and parts of the garden I’ve destroyed).

I went on a long walk in the forest with my big friend Ox. Ox still ignores me :-(
I’m sorry I don’t have much to tell you today, but not much has happened in the last 2 weeks. Hopefully I will have new things to tell you next week if we do some fun things this weekend.

Here is a new photo of me …

Dexter grows up

Day at a Festival

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On Saturday my Mom and her friend took me to the Harfield Village Carnival (it’s more like a street Festival actually). I had a fabulous time. There were lots of dogs to sniff and lick and I made friends with some of them (there were poodles, a pitbull, a staffie/something and lots of dogs whose breed was not obvious). Hundreds of people came and told me how beautiful I am and wanted to pet me and play with me, even little people (children). There were lots and lots of those! They were all very nice to me and I loved the attention. There were wonderful smells … (boerewors roll stands), very loud music that didn’t scare me. After an hour of all the walking around and attention from people and other dogs it was all just too much and I lay down on the grass and had a nap! My Mom said I was very well behaved and she was very proud of me :)

Today we are going to the beach with Mom’s friend and his dog, Ox (fully grown Rottweiler). I hope Ox is nicer to me today – he usually just ignores me and steals my toys. And he doesn’t give them back! He bit the head off my funky chicken and now he won’t give it back to me :(. My Mommy says she will get me a new funky chicken!

This is a photo of me and Ox at Muizenberg beach when I was 8 weeks old! I’m much bigger now of course (3 months old next week).

With my friend Ox

Things I like to do (that I’m not supposed to)

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1. Eat the Cat’s food
2. Chew on socks (with feet still in them)
3. Take huge flying leaps off the verandah that’s way too high for me to jump from (did I tell you I’m Super-dog?)
4. Woof underneath the bed when Mommy is sleeping
5. Woof at leaking roofs
6. Eat cameras
7. Fetch the bath mat from the bathroom and take it to my bed
8. Try to eat the clicker when my Mom is trying to teach me stuff
9. Fetch all sorts of things from the garden and bring them inside, including:
– stones
– snails
– irtrigation system parts
– the hose pipe
– sticks
– leaves
– branches
– trees
10. Drink water from the fish pond
11. Bite my Mom’s legs while she is walking
12. Pull towels off people as they get out of the shower
13. Woof at the TV when there are horses in it
14. Woof at the wooden hippo and chew on its feet
15. Eat computer wires
16. Pull on curtains, woof at them and chew them
17. Pull the telephone off the desk
18. I’m house trained but sometimes I think the passage is part of outside
19. Rip telephone wires that are glued to skirting boards off the wall
20. Drag the front door mat to anywhere (but the front door)
21. Annihalate the Cats bed
22. Kill and destroy house plants
23. Search for and destroy slippers, shoes etc
24. Bite my Mommys hands
25. Bite my Mommys nose
26. Bite my Mommys ears
27. Trip up my Mommy by running under her feet
28. Eat the pool net
29. Take throws off beds, couches etc and drag them somewhere else
30. Find all towels and drag them to my bed
31. Mess up clean rooms in the space of 5 minutes

Do all the above in the space of 1 hour! (That is not a goal, its my personal best!)
Afterwards – sleep for 2 hours.

Being naughty

More …

and even more …

I’m a Big Boy now (almost)

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I’m growing quickly and doing well. I am now 12.2 kgs which is dead right for my breed/age. I had more swimming lessons this week (so that I know what to do in case I ever fall into the pool). I’m not sure that I really like it that much. Still deciding whether its fun or not.


My “brother”, the Cat, is starting to accept that I’m here to stay. We are not friends yet (he is not interested in playing with me nor will he let me sniff him yet), but he will spend time in the same room with me now and actually sits quite close to me – as long as I don’t move around too fast he seems to be getting used to me. My family are very happy about that so I will try to be a good puppy and not bark at him or chase him!

I learnt some new commands this week. I can “roll over” (and show my cute tummy!) and turn to the side. I’m almost good at them. I love my walks with my Mom. Because I am a Rottweiler and still a puppy, we are only allowed to walk for 10 minutes or less at a time (so that I don’t hip displasia when I get older). Its lots of fun to walk with Mom. Lots of doggy smells and trees to sniff and barking dogs (that don’t scare me anymore!). Its been a fun few days. :)


Friday Update

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I’m learning fast. Last Sunday I went to “puppy training” class. I was the youngest puppy at the class and the trainer said I was the “best mannered puppy” of the day! My Mom was VERY proud of me. :)

I know 13 words (commands) now. Sit, stay, gentle, paw, down, no, leave, come (sort of, still getting the hang of that one!), winnie the pooh, (as in wee and poop), kitty, no biting, walk – I think thats all.

Dexter on Friday 16 November 2007

Here is me today playing in my garden. (I think Mom needs to get a gardening service in, but I love it like this. Lots of wonderful places to hide in and places to dig!). Till next time …

Dexter at 11 and a half weeks

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Thats me today at 11-and-a-half weeks.

Dexter at 11 weeks old

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Now I am 11 and a half weeks old. I can sit, lie down, give my paw, stand, be gentle … all on command. Now I’m learning “touch”. I go on walks with my Mom (with my collar and lead) and I’m very good at it now. I wait at the curb to see if cars are coming, then we cross the road. My Mom says I’m very good. :)

And I’m fully house trained now!

I’ve been sick this week and had to go on a special diet and have tablets. The tablets were really gross and I refused to take them unless my Mom crushed them and mixed them with liver spread. (I LOVE liver spread!). I’ve been very hungry all week because of this special diet food – i only get half my usual quantity. I decided to sort this out and acted like a real spoilt brat dog yesterday so they would feed me my normal food again. Yipee, today I got real food again!

I’m almost better.


My older brother (the Cat)

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I forgot to tell you about my other house-mate. My Mom says he is my Older Brother and because he’s older I have to be respectful and nice (and all I want to do is chase him up a tree or down the passage!). He makes a strange hissing noise that I don’t like if I get to close to him and he does a lot of ordering my Mom around – yelling for food, yelling for water, yelling for attention.

He’s big (although I think I might be a bit bigger than him now) and white and soft and very fluffy. He doesn’t want to play with me, he just watches me or sleeps – all the time. I wish he would come and play, we could have so much fun! Here is his photo – His name is Hercules.


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