Day at a Festival

On Saturday my Mom and her friend took me to the Harfield Village Carnival (it’s more like a street Festival actually). I had a fabulous time. There were lots of dogs to sniff and lick and I made friends with some of them (there were poodles, a pitbull, a staffie/something and lots of dogs whose breed was not obvious). Hundreds of people came and told me how beautiful I am and wanted to pet me and play with me, even little people (children). There were lots and lots of those! They were all very nice to me and I loved the attention. There were wonderful smells … (boerewors roll stands), very loud music that didn’t scare me. After an hour of all the walking around and attention from people and other dogs it was all just too much and I lay down on the grass and had a nap! My Mom said I was very well behaved and she was very proud of me 🙂

Today we are going to the beach with Mom’s friend and his dog, Ox (fully grown Rottweiler). I hope Ox is nicer to me today – he usually just ignores me and steals my toys. And he doesn’t give them back! He bit the head off my funky chicken and now he won’t give it back to me :(. My Mommy says she will get me a new funky chicken!

This is a photo of me and Ox at Muizenberg beach when I was 8 weeks old! I’m much bigger now of course (3 months old next week).

With my friend Ox