Dexter’s weigh-in

Usually Mom weighs herself on the bathroom scale, then picks me up and we both get on the scale and she subtracts her weight from our combined weight and thats it. Doesn’t work anymore because I am getting too big and heavy for her, so we went to the Vet’s rooms today to get weighed. I’m 17.9 kg’s now (thats 39.38 lbs). Wow! (Note: I’m big, not fat! Lots of muscle).

There was a big cat at the vet that was very nice to me last time we were there. When I saw him today I was really excited to see him so I went to give him a lick and he hissed at me and slapped me! 🙁 Mom was sad for me because I looked as if I was going to cry so she let me choose a new toy, she chose one and we bought a bunch of treats and I soon forgot about the crotchety ol’ cat. He reminds me of our cat we have at home. He isn’t friendly either. I wonder why cats don’t like dogs?

I’ve found my bark! Its not a woof anymore but a real good bark. And I protect my property – when I hear strange noises outside, I bark – really loudly! Mom says whoever is outside must think I’m a really big and fierce dog and not just a puppy!

Thats all my news for today!