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I’ve lost a few of my baby teeth (which my Mom got very exited about), I’ve grown a lot and now weigh 21.5 kgs and spend a lot of time playing in my garden and sleeping. I love the daily walks my Mom and I go for and I figured out how to get really great treats from her – I behave really well on the walks and walk on her left hand side without pulling or tugging at my lead (although its very tempting to run ahead and make her run after me because I am strong enough now to make her run!). But if I resist the temptation I get yummy treats when we get home and its so much fun to walk with her. When we get back we play her favourite game which is throwing the frisbee for me. It took a while before I figured what she wanted – I’m supposed to run after the frisbee, fetch it and bring it back to her. She gets very excited when I bring it back to her (more treats!) :)

My favourite treats are milk … no, liver spread … no, no, maybe milk is better … but pastrami is really good too. hmmm, all yummy. Sometimes I get a carrot (whats that about?) but I eat it anyway, its supposed to be good for me :)

Some new photos for you to see. My Mom says I have to confess that I am responsible for the mayhem in the garden – I’ve spent a lot of time destroying the little wall (on the first two photos to the right) and pulling up the irrigation system (the black tubing lying around) in some areas of the garden. She wasn’t very happy with me about that, but still, its just so much fun – and I’m still just a puppy …!





I’m getting bigger but I am still a puppy that needs lots of sleep.
Nitey nite for now …

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