9 and-a-half weeks old

I am nine and-a-halk weeks old now. I can sit on command, I get a bit more food (i like feeding times a LOT!), I am very good about going outside (almost house-trained), and I know what I’m allowed to play with and what I should “leave”. (I don’t always listed though – its fun to be a bit naughty).

My Mom took me to the Vet to introduce me and she was very proud because I was well behaved. She bought me new toys and I got to choose what I wanted – I slobbered all over a big, bright toy chicken with a bright yellow head, purple legs and pink feet (now known as the “funky chicken”) and I chose a big soft toy bone than squeaks when i bite on it. When we got home I took the funky chicken and buried it in the garden so now its nice and dirty, just the way I like it!

Here are some photos of me taken at 9 and-a-half weeks old.

Dexter at 9 and-a-half weeks

Dexter at 9 and-a-half weeks

The Funky Chicken