Dexter at 11 weeks old

Now I am 11 and a half weeks old. I can sit, lie down, give my paw, stand, be gentle … all on command. Now I’m learning “touch”. I go on walks with my Mom (with my collar and lead) and I’m very good at it now. I wait at the curb to see if cars are coming, then we cross the road. My Mom says I’m very good. 🙂

And I’m fully house trained now!

I’ve been sick this week and had to go on a special diet and have tablets. The tablets were really gross and I refused to take them unless my Mom crushed them and mixed them with liver spread. (I LOVE liver spread!). I’ve been very hungry all week because of this special diet food – i only get half my usual quantity. I decided to sort this out and acted like a real spoilt brat dog yesterday so they would feed me my normal food again. Yipee, today I got real food again!

I’m almost better.


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