All grown up

Here are some very recent photographs of Dexter – All grown up now at close on 4 years old! Dexter is an amazing watch dog but he is a sweet, loving dog with his family and friends, with the personality of a playful pup! Isn’t he just gorgeous?




11 Months old

I’m 11 months old today!
Here is a photo of me with Ox (my Rottie friend). You can see how I’ve grown since I was 6 weeks old.

6 weeks old with Ox at Muizenberg Beach.

With my friend Ox

A few weeks ago at Ox’s pool (almost as big as him now).

Woofles & Licks from Dex

I’m a great walker!

My Mom says I’m such a great dog to take on walks that we often go for 2 walks a day now. (I walk, Mom tries to keep up!). I’ve stopped barking back at the yappity dogs down the road. I’ve learnt to put my nose in the air and walk right past them. Sometimes I sneak a peek at them and man would I love to bark back and tell them what I think of them, but if I don’t, I get to go for more walks and Mom is alwys very happy and proud of me when I just walk past them. Then the two huge dogs that were really mean and ferocious further down the road seem to have calmed down a lot (or maybe now that I am so big they are a bit intimidated by me – a dog can dream can’t he?). Whatever their story is, we now walk right past those two as well. Not so much nose in air, I’d love to give those two a piece of my mind, but really, Mom is sooo happy when I don’t bark at them that its worth ignoring them for all the special attention I get afterwards.

I have a new favourite fun thing to do …. we have some slippery floors and a very long passage. One of my cool Rogz beds lives at one end of the passage. Charging from the other end of the passage and diving onto my bed makes the bed go ski-ing for the rest of the way… lots of fun! I do it every time they move my bed back to its “place”. Other fun things to do are chasing the cat when noone is looking, fetching pillows from the bedrooms and taking them to the living room …. you know, all the things dogs are not supposed to do!

Lots of licks

Nearly 9 months old

I am nearly 9 months old (on the 26th). I am a very big dog, but Mom says I’m still cute and cuddly 🙂

I still love playing. I love to play ball but most of all I love my daily walks. It’s my favourite time of day. We walk around the neighbourhood and I get to see a lot of dogs. I get in to a LOT of trouble when I bark back at the two big dogs down the road, but I can’t resist it – every time! They are so mean and aggressive and I have to show them that I am just as big, mean and fierce as they are. (and they do it from behind a fence – bah! any dog could do that! Even the Yorkies up the next road are brave behind their fences. I say – come out and bark at me like that IN the road – then lets see who is scarier and louder!). But I get into a lot of trouble for this 🙁

Last week I was in such a rush to go and bark at those two mean dogs that I pulled my Mom off her feet. She landed on her bottom in the road – I was not very popular with her for a while after that. Didn’t get any yummy treats that day and was in the proverbial dox-box for a good few hours. Mom thinks her finger is broken but judging by the way she wags it at me when I’m naughty I reckon that finger is A OK!

I am sure you must be wondering how I am getting along with my big brother, the Cat? Well not too good really. He either ignores me completely or smacks me and growls at me. It’s really not fair because I am just trying to play with him and I get into trouble everytime he growls at me. I’m not supposed to go up to him and throw my ball at him – which I really don’t understand – everybody else thinks its so cute when I bring my ball and throw it in their laps. And I’m not supposed to lick him either. Following him and sniffing him is also not allowed. Nor is trying to jump onto the window sill when he is sitting there …. Seems everything to do with “Cat” is not allowed ….

Mom is going to take some new photos of me tonight so I can post them here for you to see. But now I have to go and have a bath …

Look how I’ve grown!

Dexter is 6 months old. Look how he’s grown …
What’s new: Dexter is less obsessed with his food but really loves treats now. Bored with puppy treats (which he sniffs at and then tosses in a corner) Dexter now loves “pig ears” we buy for him at the vet. He also loves biltong (South African equivalent to beef jerky) and loves the odd snack of “people food”, especially roast chicken or a slice of pastrami. These are all time favourites.

Dexter at 6 months

Dexter is an amazing guard dog. He has a ferocious sounding bark that would keep any sane person from even knocking at our door. Those who dare, will discover a confident, loving dog with a playful and very sweet character.

Dexter at 6 Months - 26 February 2008

Home training has become a bit difficult because Dexter prefers to play than train :). Favourite games are fetch and he is an ace swimmer, diving into the pool at any opportunity. He loves his daily walks and is very well behaved on them (mostly!).

Busy, busy (playing and growing …)

I’ve lost a few of my baby teeth (which my Mom got very exited about), I’ve grown a lot and now weigh 21.5 kgs and spend a lot of time playing in my garden and sleeping. I love the daily walks my Mom and I go for and I figured out how to get really great treats from her – I behave really well on the walks and walk on her left hand side without pulling or tugging at my lead (although its very tempting to run ahead and make her run after me because I am strong enough now to make her run!). But if I resist the temptation I get yummy treats when we get home and its so much fun to walk with her. When we get back we play her favourite game which is throwing the frisbee for me. It took a while before I figured what she wanted – I’m supposed to run after the frisbee, fetch it and bring it back to her. She gets very excited when I bring it back to her (more treats!) 🙂

My favourite treats are milk … no, liver spread … no, no, maybe milk is better … but pastrami is really good too. hmmm, all yummy. Sometimes I get a carrot (whats that about?) but I eat it anyway, its supposed to be good for me 🙂

Some new photos for you to see. My Mom says I have to confess that I am responsible for the mayhem in the garden – I’ve spent a lot of time destroying the little wall (on the first two photos to the right) and pulling up the irrigation system (the black tubing lying around) in some areas of the garden. She wasn’t very happy with me about that, but still, its just so much fun – and I’m still just a puppy …!





I’m getting bigger but I am still a puppy that needs lots of sleep.
Nitey nite for now …

Dexter’s weigh-in

Usually Mom weighs herself on the bathroom scale, then picks me up and we both get on the scale and she subtracts her weight from our combined weight and thats it. Doesn’t work anymore because I am getting too big and heavy for her, so we went to the Vet’s rooms today to get weighed. I’m 17.9 kg’s now (thats 39.38 lbs). Wow! (Note: I’m big, not fat! Lots of muscle).

There was a big cat at the vet that was very nice to me last time we were there. When I saw him today I was really excited to see him so I went to give him a lick and he hissed at me and slapped me! 🙁 Mom was sad for me because I looked as if I was going to cry so she let me choose a new toy, she chose one and we bought a bunch of treats and I soon forgot about the crotchety ol’ cat. He reminds me of our cat we have at home. He isn’t friendly either. I wonder why cats don’t like dogs?

I’ve found my bark! Its not a woof anymore but a real good bark. And I protect my property – when I hear strange noises outside, I bark – really loudly! Mom says whoever is outside must think I’m a really big and fierce dog and not just a puppy!

Thats all my news for today!