And now there are Four

Life started out with just myself and Hercules. But now our pack has grown. First Sherrie joined us two years ago and now we have a new family member in the form of “Bear”, a new Rottweiler puppy. Bear does not live with us but he is here every day during weekdays and on occasion we “Puppy-sit” on weekends.

So how much do I enjoy having another puppy around?

Not so much. He’s ok for about five minutes and after that he is just plain annoying! He doesn’t stop for a second and wants to play with me all day long. That wouldn’t be so bad if he understood the rules of the game – i.e. I get the ball, the ball is thrown for me and even if there are two balls being thrown, they are both mine! Ditto with toys! If Mom comes home with a new toy and gives it to the pup he should realise it is still mine! Right?

Besides the issue of ‘toy ownership’, he is kinda cute and sort of well behaved when not trying to annoy me. And when I have the energy its quite fun to play tag with him!


Bear Bear

Bear Bear

Cute, right?

Woofs and Licks from Dexter

Sharing food?

I LOVE my food! Really, really love meal times! If I have to choose between a treat or meal and going for a walk … its a really difficult choice!

So my Mom was very proud of me when Hercules (The Cat) wanted to taste what I get for dinner. It took a lot of self control not to shoo him away … but I figured he’s just a little cat, how much could he possibly steal from me?

Food Thief!

Hercules the Food Thief!

Would you share your food with a Cat?

Love, Dex


Playing with Ox

My friend Ox came to visit. Ox is a lot older than me and quite grumpy, although Mom says he is sweet. I don’t see it – he bosses me around and growls at me when I try to take MY toys away from him … what’s “sweet” about that? But I love it when Ox comes to play or when we get to take long walks together with our people.

Ox Rocks!

Ox Rocks!

Thats Ox!

Ox & Dexter

Ox and Dexter playing Tag.

Thats all for today



My Grand-Aunt?

This is my Mom’s Grand Dad’s new pup, Sherrie. Grand Dad rescued her and she now lives with him at his home in Missouri, USA. I’m not sure how she is related to me, just that she is. She loves toys as much as I do so we sent her a bunch of toys as a “welcome to your new home” gift. Sherrie is 4 years old and she is a Cairn Terrier.


Woofs & Wags from Dexter

Happy Dog

Here is a new photo of me!

I’ve been going on walks nearly every day with my friend Helen (the marathon girl)! We walk for about 40 minutes and its far!! I’ve also been for walks in the evening – Mom takes me to a field where we meet up with her friends Claire & Ryan and I get to play with their dogs, Jack & Maggie. I really enjoy that especially when Ryan throws the ball for me – he’s a great ball thrower – I get to run really far to catch it and bring it back, up and down hills. Thats a lot of fun for me. The ball games are my absolute favourite.

I had to go to the bet on Monday – they say I’m overweight 🙂
Now Mom is cutting down on my treats. Sigh … I do love my treats so much.

Happy Dexter

Love & woofs

Things that happen

Today my friend Helen took me for a walk – Helen did the Comrades Marathon last month so she trained very hard for that and is super fit. So it was a really great walk and I was very tired when we got back and slept for hours! Helen says she will take me for more walks now that I am so good on my walks.

Here is a photograph of my “brother” the Cat in one of the places he goes to hide away from me!


My older brother (the Cat)

I forgot to tell you about my other house-mate. My Mom says he is my Older Brother and because he’s older I have to be respectful and nice (and all I want to do is chase him up a tree or down the passage!). He makes a strange hissing noise that I don’t like if I get to close to him and he does a lot of ordering my Mom around – yelling for food, yelling for water, yelling for attention.

He’s big (although I think I might be a bit bigger than him now) and white and soft and very fluffy. He doesn’t want to play with me, he just watches me or sleeps – all the time. I wish he would come and play, we could have so much fun! Here is his photo – His name is Hercules.