Things I like to do (that I’m not supposed to)

1. Eat the Cat’s food
2. Chew on socks (with feet still in them)
3. Take huge flying leaps off the verandah that’s way too high for me to jump from (did I tell you I’m Super-dog?)
4. Woof underneath the bed when Mommy is sleeping
5. Woof at leaking roofs
6. Eat cameras
7. Fetch the bath mat from the bathroom and take it to my bed
8. Try to eat the clicker when my Mom is trying to teach me stuff
9. Fetch all sorts of things from the garden and bring them inside, including:
– stones
– snails
– irtrigation system parts
– the hose pipe
– sticks
– leaves
– branches
– trees
10. Drink water from the fish pond
11. Bite my Mom’s legs while she is walking
12. Pull towels off people as they get out of the shower
13. Woof at the TV when there are horses in it
14. Woof at the wooden hippo and chew on its feet
15. Eat computer wires
16. Pull on curtains, woof at them and chew them
17. Pull the telephone off the desk
18. I’m house trained but sometimes I think the passage is part of outside
19. Rip telephone wires that are glued to skirting boards off the wall
20. Drag the front door mat to anywhere (but the front door)
21. Annihalate the Cats bed
22. Kill and destroy house plants
23. Search for and destroy slippers, shoes etc
24. Bite my Mommys hands
25. Bite my Mommys nose
26. Bite my Mommys ears
27. Trip up my Mommy by running under her feet
28. Eat the pool net
29. Take throws off beds, couches etc and drag them somewhere else
30. Find all towels and drag them to my bed
31. Mess up clean rooms in the space of 5 minutes

Do all the above in the space of 1 hour! (That is not a goal, its my personal best!)
Afterwards – sleep for 2 hours.

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