I’m a great walker!

My Mom says I’m such a great dog to take on walks that we often go for 2 walks a day now. (I walk, Mom tries to keep up!). I’ve stopped barking back at the yappity dogs down the road. I’ve learnt to put my nose in the air and walk right past them. Sometimes I sneak a peek at them and man would I love to bark back and tell them what I think of them, but if I don’t, I get to go for more walks and Mom is alwys very happy and proud of me when I just walk past them. Then the two huge dogs that were really mean and ferocious further down the road seem to have calmed down a lot (or maybe now that I am so big they are a bit intimidated by me – a dog can dream can’t he?). Whatever their story is, we now walk right past those two as well. Not so much nose in air, I’d love to give those two a piece of my mind, but really, Mom is sooo happy when I don’t bark at them that its worth ignoring them for all the special attention I get afterwards.

I have a new favourite fun thing to do …. we have some slippery floors and a very long passage. One of my cool Rogz beds lives at one end of the passage. Charging from the other end of the passage and diving onto my bed makes the bed go ski-ing for the rest of the way… lots of fun! I do it every time they move my bed back to its “place”. Other fun things to do are chasing the cat when noone is looking, fetching pillows from the bedrooms and taking them to the living room …. you know, all the things dogs are not supposed to do!

Lots of licks