Nearly 9 months old

I am nearly 9 months old (on the 26th). I am a very big dog, but Mom says I’m still cute and cuddly 🙂

I still love playing. I love to play ball but most of all I love my daily walks. It’s my favourite time of day. We walk around the neighbourhood and I get to see a lot of dogs. I get in to a LOT of trouble when I bark back at the two big dogs down the road, but I can’t resist it – every time! They are so mean and aggressive and I have to show them that I am just as big, mean and fierce as they are. (and they do it from behind a fence – bah! any dog could do that! Even the Yorkies up the next road are brave behind their fences. I say – come out and bark at me like that IN the road – then lets see who is scarier and louder!). But I get into a lot of trouble for this 🙁

Last week I was in such a rush to go and bark at those two mean dogs that I pulled my Mom off her feet. She landed on her bottom in the road – I was not very popular with her for a while after that. Didn’t get any yummy treats that day and was in the proverbial dox-box for a good few hours. Mom thinks her finger is broken but judging by the way she wags it at me when I’m naughty I reckon that finger is A OK!

I am sure you must be wondering how I am getting along with my big brother, the Cat? Well not too good really. He either ignores me completely or smacks me and growls at me. It’s really not fair because I am just trying to play with him and I get into trouble everytime he growls at me. I’m not supposed to go up to him and throw my ball at him – which I really don’t understand – everybody else thinks its so cute when I bring my ball and throw it in their laps. And I’m not supposed to lick him either. Following him and sniffing him is also not allowed. Nor is trying to jump onto the window sill when he is sitting there …. Seems everything to do with “Cat” is not allowed ….

Mom is going to take some new photos of me tonight so I can post them here for you to see. But now I have to go and have a bath …