Look how I’ve grown!

Dexter is 6 months old. Look how he’s grown …
What’s new: Dexter is less obsessed with his food but really loves treats now. Bored with puppy treats (which he sniffs at and then tosses in a corner) Dexter now loves “pig ears” we buy for him at the vet. He also loves biltong (South African equivalent to beef jerky) and loves the odd snack of “people food”, especially roast chicken or a slice of pastrami. These are all time favourites.

Dexter at 6 months

Dexter is an amazing guard dog. He has a ferocious sounding bark that would keep any sane person from even knocking at our door. Those who dare, will discover a confident, loving dog with a playful and very sweet character.

Dexter at 6 Months - 26 February 2008

Home training has become a bit difficult because Dexter prefers to play than train :). Favourite games are fetch and he is an ace swimmer, diving into the pool at any opportunity. He loves his daily walks and is very well behaved on them (mostly!).